Saturday, June 13, 2009

Starting chemo

Courtney starts chemo next Monday, June 22. Dr. Jan and Dr. Curley (Courtney's oncologist and surgeon) conferred about Courtney's treatment plan. It was decided that Courtney should complete six treatments instead of just three. It will be the same drugs as last time, since his cancer responded so well to them. It is tough to hear, we were hoping that this might all be behind us this year.

We also originally thought that the chemo dose would be reduced as well, and it will be, but only because of his major weight loss. We are worried about the side effects that he had to endure during his past treatments, peeling hands and feet, hair loss, nausea and more. Courtney has been such a trooper through it all, he has just been feeling so well lately and we don't want that to go away.

We enjoyed lunch together today, and the Hanson's did a little shopping. We ran from destination to destination since it was so hot! I will keep you all updated on his progress through chemo...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Back to Work

Tyler and I had the pleasure of spending some of this past weekend with the Hanson's by the pool. Sue and Courtney had gotten some great new outdoor furniture, so we enjoyed the day outside. It was a little warm, but we cooled off by getting in the pool. We grilled burgers, and watched the dogs swim! 

Courtney is back at work for half-days. He continues to regain his strength after surgery, and his incision is healing up nicely. I know he is enjoying getting back into the swing of things. We are thinking his chemo will start around the first of July, allowing his body to heal for the next month. He will then look at options for colon surgery closer to home, which will be nice for all of us. 

We are looking forward  to spending some time this summer with family in Nebraska. It's been a long time since we have been up there. Being on chemo and traveling will be a challenge, but we wouldn't miss it. 

School is about to start back in session for me, so Tyler and Courtney are gearing up for some projects around the house. Actually, Courtney just provides the knowledge, and Tyler is doing the work. They enjoy doing projects together, so it should be fun. Tyler is going to Denton this weekend to make a wood mold of our fireplace hearth. They are going to attempt concrete polishing eventually, which should be awesome if they can pull it off. They usually succeed at whatever they try, so its fun.

I will keep updating as things come along, thanks again for all your prayers and support.