Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Time for Friends

Dear Friends and Family,

It has been a busy time in all our lives since my last post. Tyler and Courtney have been weekend warriors working furiously on the Spitfire. They are having such a blast, and making some great progress.

Courtney's last CT scans were completed several weeks ago, but the Denton oncologist did not have any scans to compare them to, since all of his recent CT and PET scans had been at MD Anderson. They had sent them off for MD Anderson to read, and got the results back this past week. It was tough news to hear. He has new active tumors in his liver and the tumors in his lungs are larger. The doctors had always gone back and forth about the tumors in Courtney's lung, "were they scar tissue, or tumors?" They always had remained stable, but on this scan they had changed. This gave the doctors the information that they most likely were tumors. Courtney will complete this round of chemo and then the doctors have a couple of other chemotherapy regimens that they can try. The problem is, that the tumors eventually "learn" that you are trying to kill them and adapt to whatever current chemo you are on. It appears that Courtney's tumors have "learned". I will keep you all posted on the next step.

On a wonderful note, we had some great visitors down this weekend to lift up Courtney's spirits! Joe and Pam (long time friends!) came down from Canada to visit. Bob and Teresa (Sue's brother and sister-in-law) came from Arizona. We were also joined by many other friends including The Moody's and even our friends Jeff and Amanda stopped by. We had a long 5 hour dinner at Villa O in Dallas, it was great to catch up! We laughed and enjoyed the evening and for all of us it was a great escape.

Bob and Teresa spent Sunday at the Hanson's and the guys pulled out the old Porsche that Tyler and Courtney had started to re-do a couple of years ago. With the intention of selling it, and using Bob's ebay skills, they pulled out all the parts and photographed them. I think it was just to much for them to bear, and they remembered why they bought it in the first place. So now, we have our next project after the Spitfire, a 1966 912 Porsche! Tyler then cooked for all of the family that night, a wonderful dinner! We were so sad that we had to leave and that Bob and Teresa had to get on a flight back to Phoenix the next morning.

Thank you all again for your prayers and support of our family. Courtney appreciates all of you, and it lifts his spirits to know just how many people care about him. Thank you for keeping up with this blog, I will update again soon!