Saturday, February 5, 2011

Digging out of the snow

Well we've been digging out of the snow and ice here in Texas, and I must say that most of us have had cabin fever being cooped up these past few days by the weather. We are finally making it out of freezing today for the first time since Tuesday morning when I was awakened at 4:30 am with the sound of ice hitting the roof. Conditions only deteriorated from there, and of course the panic button was pushed in our Dallas area and all operations were halted...except at the Children's hospital where I work. Tyler (with his foot in a cast) graciously drove me everyday in the snow and ice to work to make sure that I safely arrived.

Not to be outdone Courtney drove the Rover up to the dealer to get some maintenance done from Denton to Dallas, only to be stuck behind some semis that couldn't make it up the hill on the interstate outside of Denton. Thank goodness for a full tank of gas! He made it home safely.

Courtney is doing well and had his pump filled with chemo last week. He is feeling good, and has started doing some painting with his extra time. Diana has given him a few pointers and his fist painting I have to say is fabulous! Tyler gave him the idea to paint some flies and hang them in the cabin at Johnson Lake. I think its going to be awesome.

Renovations continue on the cabin at Johnson Lake and I know Courtney and Sue are anxious to get up there, even though lately it has felt like we live in Nebraska and not Texas with all the ice and snow! (By the way, I haven't worn my wedding ring at all during this snow event in Texas, just in case you know?)

Here are some pictures of one of our dogs, Nixon enjoying the snow in our backyard. I think we had close to 5 inches, and for us, that is a lot!

More updates to come, keep checking in!