Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hello Friends and Family,

I recently read a quote from Earl Riney, "the stars are constantly shining, but often we do not see them until the dark hours." As I reflected on this, I truly realized how applicable this message of hope is to our family. On April 14, 2010, two years will have passed since Courtney's diagnosis of advanced colorectal cancer. Looking back, he has been through hundreds of doctor visits, blood draws, chemotherapy, and surgery. It has been a long rough road. While he has endured all of these treatments mixed with good news and bad, we have all marveled at his strength and zest for life. He has met all of his obstacles with amazing resilience and an unwavering spirit. Yet, each and every one of us never questioned his ability to fight and overcome the odds that were first given to him. However, it is when you closely examine Courtney's fight with cancer that you can see those "stars" that were around him, the people closest to Courtney. These "stars" are those people that have supported and fought with Courtney through these past two years, and it is with closer examination that you truly appreciate how amazing and bright they are. These stars, always shining, yet dim to the casual onlooker, have illuminated the darkness that threatened to surround Courtney. Of course, I am speaking of Sue, Tyler, and our entire family.

First, I must speak of Sue. Throughout these past 2 years, she has been to every doctors appointment, chemotherapy treatment, blooddraw, and surgery. She has taken care of Courtney when the chemo has made him so sick. She has listened to all of us, many times setting aside her own sadness to comfort us. She has encouraged, fought, and consoled each of us, including Courtney. I know that his treatment would have been miles more difficult without her brilliance.

Secondly, Tyler. I have personally watched as Tyler and his father have grown closer these past 2 years. I know that watching his father fight cancer has not been easy for him. He has traveled so many weekends to work on the car with his father. They have enjoyed spending time talking, laughing, and sometimes cursing the occasional car part that doesn't work. All the while, he has provided support, love, laughter, and a great distraction from Courtney's treatments.

Our Family. It has been a pleasure these past two years to see many of our family members more than we ever have! Through the visits, phone calls, cards, and prayers, the support and love has been overwhelming. I know that Courtney has truly treasured his time at the cabin, Christmas at the Webers, Arizona garage sales, playing with the kids, visits from family members and more! Each of you have been an integral part of his fight with cancer.

So as we come upon the 2 year mark, it is those that have surrounded Courtney with their love, prayers, and support that I know have enabled him to continue with his fight. Thank you all.




Anonymous said...


I see that we are both too stubborn to let this beat us. I told you I would continue to check in on you, and I see that we are both fighting this! I am on Xeloda, and the going is tough. Lots of side effects and it is tough to get out of bed some days. Sounds like you have an amazing family and support system. Love them, cherish them, and thank them for their love. I know I have, and I am a better man for it. Keep fighting.

Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer

The Rattans said...

CJH: We are still constantly thinking about and praying for you. I hope you are feeling well these days. You have such an amazing support system. You are blessed to have Sue to be your rock, Tyler to spend "man" time with and the sweetest daughter-in-law for keeping us all updated. Hang tough and keep in touch!