Saturday, January 15, 2011

A good afternoon

Courtney continues to do well. He got up and showered this afternoon and has been walking. He choked down a little beef broth, evidently it's not so yummy here. The popsicles still remain his favorite. He has been off his oxygen this afternoon. He did struggle with a little nausea this evening, but nothing a little Zofran and Ativan couldn't handle.

We had a really nice visit today from Courtney's friend, Darrell that he used to work with. Don also stopped by for his daily visit. Don and his wife Dana sent a beautiful arrangement that really cheers up the room. It is hard to even describe its so gorgeous, so here is a photo!

An adorable basket of "goodies" came from his friends Joe and Pam in Canada. Its filled with wine, chocolates, and even some toy cars! It's all we can do to keep him out of the wine, but I don't think wine constitutes as a clear liquid!

It's hilarious because the staff here asked if Courtney was a minister. The tech thought for sure that his faithful congregation was sending him all these extravagant gifts. I replied, no just fabulous friends! We had a good laugh about that.

We have had a great nurse on the floor the past two days, Amber.  She is here again tomorrow so we are excited about that. He considered asking her if he could persuade her to stay all night and be his nurse!

Thanks for all the prayers, comments, and sweet messages. We are so glad he continues to do well. We are still hoping to knock him out with some good old Ambien and pain meds tonight so he can have a more restful night.



Bob and Teresa said...

What? No Grappa? :o) Seriously, those Canadians know how to dangle a treat...keep doing as well as you have and in no time you'll be enjoying an evening of wine and chocolate! Hope you rest better tonight.
Bob and Teresa

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

that is me that said hi - just figuring out how to send a note - loved seeing the picture of you and all of your flowers - checked your house today - all warm and cozy - i was looking for the pancake syrup - today at the store i stocked up with 4 bottles - plenty for future cakes - happy you are feeling stronger - you are one tough cookie - keep on healing - love ya jean and wayne

Michael said...

Great to see him looking in good spirits in the picture. Keep on truckin' Courtney!

karla said...

Hey Courtney, Great to see you looking so good. Hope you feel that way soon. We are in Fort Collins and missing the 5 o'clock cocktail bell so you are not the only one. We raise a toast here to you that you continue to do well!

Karla & Wally

Anonymous said...

oh by the way - thank you for being a tough old cookie - anonymoulsy yours- jean