Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Staples are out!

Well, Courtney got his staples out on Monday, thank goodness. Lets just say all parties involved survived unscathed. I think it hurt a little less than he remembered from the first time he had staples out. He also got a good report from the doctor. He has been having some back pain, which has been keeping him up a night or two, but overall we are very happy with his progress. Now, we will wait for the healing process to continue, and then fill the pump with chemo.

I have recently been reflecting on how fortunate Tyler and I are. I must say that Tyler and I are so blessed to have such wonderful co-workers and employers that allowed us to work our schedule so that we could be with Courtney while he was hospitalized. We are also fortunate to have such a wonderful extended family and friends that offer support, prayers, and comfort, especially in the most difficult past few weeks. We will never be able to write enough thank you notes to fully express our gratitude.


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