Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hopefully it's a restful night...

Dear Friends and family,

Courtney is doing okay and will remain in ICU at least overnight. The nurses change shifts from 6-8 so they do not allow visitors during that time. So, we headed out and grabbed some dinner. Tyler and I are staying home for the night. Sue is headed back to the hospital to see Courtney right now and she plans on coming back to our house to get some rest as well.

His pain was improved with several large doses of Dilaudid. His blood pressure was also under much better control. We are so thankful they didn't have to start him on a drip to bring down his blood pressure. He was having some significant itching from pain medication and got some Benadryl. We were lucky to have a GREAT nurse today. Gotta love those awesome nurses!

It was so amazing to have Courtney's best friend Don sit with us today. He stayed the whole time and helped to comfort Courtney when he woke up in agonizing pain in the ICU. We also had a sweet visit from Tyler's best friend Mike who dropped by and offered a prayer while Courtney was in surgery. Tyler and Courtney are so blessed to have such an amazing friends.

Thank you all again for the thoughts, prayers, and comments. I have delivered them to Courtney, and he smiles each time. I know he also will enjoy reading them when he really "comes to." More updates to come...hopefully its a restful night.



Bob and Teresa said...

Courtney, wishing you a restful night to bring on that amazing strength of yours. There are cars to work on, fish to catch, cabins to relax in...all waiting for you. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT OF and friends to love and laugh with!!

Love you,
Bob and Teresa

Lacy said...

Lots of love from Lacy and Patch in snowy MN. Rest well Courtney. Thinking of you today (and everyday). Hugs from me and licks and a sniff from Patch. XOXO