Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rough night

Courtney had a rough night. I think he has his nights and days mixed up. We tried our hardest to keep him up yesterday, and we were successful until about 7pm and then you couldn't have even used toothpicks to keep his eyelids open. He did discover that he could lay on his side which was according to him, "like heaven." He did get Ambien last night (the wonder drug) and slept for about 4 solid hours.

His IV infiltrated last night, which was pretty painful. For those of you who don't know, it is when the IV catheter becomes dislodged out of the vein and the liquid you are getting in the IV leaks into the surrounding tissue. It can cause some swelling to the area. His hand is still pretty puffy this morning. So, needless to say he had to get a new IV in the middle of the night. No fun.

He's on a full liquid diet now, so Sue and I are headed to whole foods to get him some potato soup. More later...

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