Sunday, January 16, 2011

Home tomorrow?

Dr. Yopp came by this afternoon and is encouraged at how well Courtney is doing. He is up and moving around in the hallways, which means he is meeting his nurse Amber's plan for the day...see the photo below...

They did take off Courtney's dressing today to reveal his incision.  He says he now has more staples than Office Depot! Those will come out in 2 weeks at a follow up visit.

Hopefully after Courtney gets his nuclear medicine scan of his pump tomorrow he will get to go home. Dr. Yopp really thinks its likely, and for Courtney its certain. HE IS GOING HOME. I know it will be difficult to keep him in this hospital bed another night. Max is certainly ready for Courtney to come home. He has been staying with Tyler and I, and I sent this picture to Courtney this morning....

Max sent this message to Courtney... "I am so ready for you to come home Courtney, please hurry. These people you stuck me with sleep too late. I am ready to start getting up at 5 am and have coffee again."

Don and Dana Moody are here for a visit now, and we are trying to keep him from laughing too hard...more later.


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