Friday, January 14, 2011

A good morning...

Courtney is doing well this morning. His nurse, Carmen (the one we loved from yesterday) is back again today. When we arrived this morning she already had him up to a chair. He is doing so well they pulled his lines and tubes this morning and started letting him have small sips of clear liquids. He then got to have a frozen lemon popsicle, which I think tasted like the best thing on earth, although I think he’s wishing for a nice glass of French wine!

He had a pretty large central line in his neck, which was pretty rough taking out this morning. Courtney jokingly said he was going to go find the anesthesiologist that put it in and let him know about it. As you can see, he is getting his “spunk” back.

He may stay in ICU for another day, which we are actually hoping for since his nurse is so great. Thanks again for all the comments and prayers, he has smiled at each of your comments and really enjoys them! More updates later…


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