Friday, January 14, 2011

Moving on up...

Courtney continues to do well, and they just moved him to an inpatient room. We are sad to see the nurses go, but glad that he is improving. The staff was so great, we went out and got Society Bakery cupcakes for all of them. (By the way if you have never had one, we highly recommend them!)

Pain continues to be an issue, especially with the transport. They have him on what is known as “patient controlled analgesia” so he has a pain button he can press when he needs a little extra pain medication. He is using that a lot.

This morning they weaned him off his oxygen, but after the transport they had to put it back on. So we will continue to watch this. Courtney will at least be in the hospital until Monday when they will do a radiographic study on his new implanted chemo delivery device. They will look to make sure the new pump is working properly and that it is delivering to the appropriate areas in his liver. They currently have saline in it and will transition it to a slow chemo drip that will infuse directly into his liver. They will not put the chemo in until after he has shown that he is healing. The regimen will then be 2 weeks of saline, 2 weeks of chemo. Our hope is that he will have minimal side effects from this type of direct chemo.

He is resting now and I will send updates as I have them. We are hoping to see Dr. Yopp, his surgeon again soon.


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