Saturday, January 15, 2011

A tough night...

Courtney had a rough night, he said he woke up just about every 5 minutes to stare at the clock. He is sleeping too much during the day, so our plan is to keep him up during the day today. We are going to talk to the docs about getting him some good "drugs" to help him sleep tonight. He is so tall, they had to get him a "bed extension" which did help him get a little more comfortable.

When Tyler and I arrived this morning he was sitting on the side of the bed doing his breathing exercises. He is still on oxygen, so we are still working on doing his exercises and getting him out of bed so that he needs less oxygen.

He has already made a small lap down to the nurses station and back, so we are encouraged to see him walking. Let me tell you, the hospital gown is oh so stylish!

He is smiling at all the funny and encouraging comments. It hurts to laugh (which Brandon and Molly your comment caused quite a stir!), but it is good for the soul! Courtney says to tell you have to buy the 25 year old Glen Livets. More updates today, we are waiting on Dr. Yopp to come by. He said he would be here before the Packers game (evidently he's quite the sports fan!) and such a nice guy! We are headed downstairs to try and get some tea to help with this awful caffeine headache he has. Three days and no coffee equals monster headache. Can you say Starbucks please? More later...


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