Saturday, May 9, 2009

Busy morning

It's 10:30 and Courtney has already had a busy morning. He has made four laps around the nurses station and down the hall. He said he was trying to show off for the doctors so they would take out some lines and tubes. It must have worked, they agreed to take out two of his IVs and remove some other accessories. I think he about passed out when he realized what a garden hose one of the IVs in his hand was. 

He had breakfast of broth, tea and popsicles. They said he could have coffee, but when he figured out he couldn't have cream, he switched to tea. I do feel sorry for him because we waltz in here every morning with our Starbucks. 

He has discovered the AMC movie channel and is now watching his favorite old movies. The doctors guarantee that we will move to another, possibly larger room today. I think he is tired of staring at the same four walls. As far as Formula 1, they are settling for internet updates on the qualifying today. Tyler is still feverishly searching for a solution.

The palliative care wing is down the hall from us. It really makes you feel lucky to be where you are. Courtney is doing so well, and we are so thankful!



Anonymous said...

So Courtney, you've been up and walking and regaining some of your strength. We are glad to hear that! I just feel sorry for the nurses now because they will have a harder time keeping track of where you are!! I know we always did back here at Nucon. (grin) Keep up the focus and steady walk on the road to a good recovery, just don't over do it. We need you back here so things don't get out of hand and run amuck. (giggle)


Diana said...

Hey Courtney,

Some of us are a little slow at learning the blogging thing. But, now I'm on and can say "hi". We've all been thinking of you, of course. Billie just called this morning asking if there was any new news on the blog. (Last night we took her over to Kearney to see Wayne and Molly showed her the blog in their hotel lobby before we left.) Wayne isn't lively, but he does look pretty good for all the wear and tear. So, Hi from all of us, including Billie. Good news in taking out some of those tubes. Will pass the news on to Billie.