Thursday, May 7, 2009

In recovery

It's 1200 and we just saw Courtney in recovery for the first time. He is doing well, just in a lot of pain. They are trying their best to control it, without making him too sleepy so he forgets to breathe! His blood pressure is stable and he is eating ice chips. The one thing he wanted most was his chapstick, which for those who know him best, is very important!

Right now we are waiting for a room assignment. They are trying to determine if he bears watching in the ICU or on the regular floor. There aren't any beds in the hospital right now anyway, it is super busy. They are waiting on some discharges. 

We went and grabbed something to eat. Tyler and Sue went to the hotel room to take a nap (it is connected to the hospital). I am in the waiting room outside the post-anesthesia unit. Right now he is sleeping. I did tell him that the people at the office were rooting for him, and that Lindsey and Cortney had sent him a message. He got this big grin on his face, I think he would much rather be with you guys than here!

I will post again when I see him, and when he gets a room.


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shera said...

Yea Courtney! I'm so glad all went well! I have been praying for you all day long and exactly right at 7 this morning. You have a fabulous daughter in law for keeping us all posted! Stay strong and i'll keep those prayers your way. We love you!