Sunday, May 10, 2009

Man of Steel

Its 9:20 am, and Dr. Smith has been by and made a lot of changes. He has pronounced Courtney as a "Man of Steel" hardly using any pain medication since yesterday. We think it might just be a tinge of "hard headedness." They have advanced his diet so he can eat regular food, and he is currently enjoying some gourmet graham crackers. He just hit up the nurse for some more, wagering the saltines that he had for some more graham crackers. 

They have taken him off the pain button and he is now on oral pain medication. His numbing medication that is at his incision site should run out today. They will then remove those tubes. 
Every day he gets rid of more and more. All he has left are some IV fluids, which he should loose soon. 

We are sitting outside right now. He walked down most of the way, which is pretty far! It's humid today, but the outside air feels so great! 

The great news is, he may be able to go home tomorrow! Yes, back to Denton. They are so amazed at his progress that they are comfortable with him leaving. It's wonderful. They will just take out his staples in Denton. I have threatened that I could do it, but I don't think he could ever forgive me! 

Tyler is trying to decide if he will stay tonight and help Sue get Courtney back to Denton tomorrow. I would go home by myself. We will decide later on today. More updates later.



Dave and Jo said...

Your progress sounds great. If they send you home so soon that is great but if they do....don't you over do. I know you are a tough one to keep down when you should be resting and recouperating!

Diana said...

You're doing so great. Keep it up, but like Jo said...Make sure you take good card of your bod when you get home, please. Everybody says "hi". And, Sue, Happy Mother's Day! So glad you have Tyler and Ashley with you both.

We're going to dinner with Billie tonight for Mother's Day. Haven't decided where yet.


Diana said...

You know, this blog thing is great. Sorry I did't get the hang of it sooner.