Friday, May 8, 2009

Moving forward

It's 5:45 and things are moving forward. Courtney has been up and made three laps around the nurses station. He sat up in a chair for about 30 minutes after. His pain is much better, and he is drinking a lot more. He is still enjoying his popsicles, now requesting certain colors. It looks like we may not move from this room today, the hospital is just too full. Courtney  thinks he has lost a few pounds, not eating anything. I went down to the gift shop earlier and grabbed some lollipops, which tasted really good.

Right now his main concern is making sure that he gets to watch the Formula 1 race on Sunday. We had previously hooked up a slingbox to broadcast their home TV over the internet. Unfortunately, the internet is a little slower here than expected, and it's not working as planned. Hopefully,  Tyler can figure out a solution. He has already contemplated stealing one of the network cables from the nurse's computers in the hallway! But, he figured that probably wasn't the smartest idea.

The plan for tomorrow is to remove some of his accessories (lines and tubes) and make him more mobile. He figured out that he has a front pocket in his shirt so now he has a perfect spot for his chapstick. We previously had contemplated taping it to his hand!

Thanks again for all your comments, prayers, and support! 


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David and Gail Warren said...

Courtney - popsicles and lollipops...sounds good! David wants to know when you get prime rib!

We're glad the surgery is behind you now and so pleased that you are up moving around. We'll keep our fingers crossed re: the Formula 1. Surely that hospital maze has a sports bar you could wheelchair your way to!

God is good.