Sunday, May 10, 2009

Walking a lot!

Its 8:30 pm and I just got an update from Sue. Courtney continues to do well, and ventured outside again after we left. Part of his motivation to get up so much has to do with the fact that if he doesn't get out of bed, he gets to wear these uncomfortable inflatable boots to prevent blood clots. If he gets up enough, he doesn't have to wear them. Whatever works, I guess. 

After his big lunch this afternoon, he wasn't feeling much like eating dinner. It's tough when you haven't eaten for days! 

I will update tomorrow as I hear from Sue since Tyler and I are home. Hopefully, they will be headed home tomorrow or the next day!


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Diana said...

Hope you get to go home today, Courtney. I'm heading out to help my sister, Barb, with the dedication of the officer's memorial in GI. A little cool here. The lilacs are blooming. Love that.