Saturday, May 9, 2009

A New Room

Its 4:00 and we have had a busy day so far. Courtney got up and took a shower this morning, well sort of a shower. It made him feel so much better. He ate another clear lunch, and is starting to get his appetite back. We went and got a wheelchair and took him to the front of MD Anderson and sat outside. The breeze was so nice, it was surprisingly not humid! He enjoyed getting out of the room, and we contemplated how far we could get so they could watch Formula 1 tomorrow. I told him that I thought they just might miss him. We sat and enjoyed the fresh air for about an hour. As soon as we got back, they announced that they had a new room for us.

He is now on the gastrointestinal floor in P509. Moving to this unit is a sign of his continued improvement. Much less monitoring required. Its a little larger, and a much better view from the window. He is planning on a nap after his busy day. Tyler and I are headed out to have dinner with my brother and his family who live near Houston in Missouri City. 

Courtney is so strong, able to walk pretty far, feeling much better without all his accessories, and using his pain button a lot less. We have enjoyed reading all your comments, he always gets a good laugh out of them. Tyler and I will head back to Dallas tomorrow, we are sad to leave, but confident that he will continue to improve as he has. I will continue to update the blog as I receive word from Sue. 


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Bob & Teresa said...

The four of us are together this weekend and just got back from seeing "Stomp". It's late and we're all tired but before anyone can call it a night we rush to the "blog" to check in on you. So without further adue.."KEEP IT UP! You are doing awesome!"


Bob, Teresa, Amy, Lacy