Sunday, May 10, 2009

The first meal

Its 11:30 and Courtney is enjoying his first full meal after surgery. What did he order? Potato soup, a chocolate milkshake, and two scoops of chocolate Blue Bell ice cream with chocolate sauce. He said it was "wonderful!"

Tyler and I are going to head out soon. He is going to come home with me, and we hope that Courtney and Sue follow us tomorrow. His pain is still under very good control. He has walked 3 times today, his minimum is 5.

Diana and Jo, you have Courtney figured out. He is already planning how he can mow the yard when he gets home. We have strongly discouraged it, and Tyler is going to try to get at the yard before his dad does. 

I will talk to Sue later on tonight and I will update the blog again then. 


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