Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update at home

I have received many emails asking how Courtney is doing so I thought it best to update the blog. I spoke to Sue today, Courtney is doing great. He is sore of course, and getting up the stairs is tough. When I talked to her, they were out running a few short errands. Much to Courtney's dismay, Sue mowed the lawn this morning. Those of you who know Courtney, know that he loves to mow, and this was really hard for him to watch her do. No one can ever do it quite like he can, with all the straight lines that have to be mowed. I have often thought that he cared for some major league ball field in his previous life! Tyler is probably going to head up there this weekend to help them around the house some more. 

Courtney heads back to Houston for a check up and staple removal next Wednesday. They will then plan their next course of action...more chemo, surgery? 

I cannot begin to express to all of you how important that your support and prayers have been throughout this entire ordeal. If you had told our family that we would be dealing with this 2 years ago we would have all laughed. How things change so quickly and catch you by surprise. This thing we call cancer can shake your faith, make you question life, and most of all make you angry. You just keep asking, "Why?" What we have learned is that faith knows no boundaries, love knows no limits, and God will always be by your side. We have grown so much as a family, and are stronger because of all of this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and all of our hearts for all your love, prayers, kindness, compassion, and words of encouragement. You all can never imagine the impact that you have all had on us. Thank you!

I will continue to update this blog periodically with Courtney's progress, as the climb is not over. We are looking at more surgery, chemo, and treatments. Thank you all again!


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Kircher said...


I don't know much about anything, but I do know the grass will always grow so you'll get your chance to mow again soon! Until then...